Camp Varsity

2015 Registration

There are plenty of registration slots available. Form will be available for download soon.

Welcome to Camp Varsity


Welcome to Camp Varsity Running Camp (special emphasis on Camp), the place where serious running and fun collide . . . before being promptly forgotten because it all comes down to the fish. Forgotten may be overstating the case. Countless title-winning District, Regional, State, and National – individual and team – campaigns have begun on the gravel mountain roads of Madison, Virginia. Camp Varsity counts State Champions such as Natalie Sherbak and Melissa Dewey, All-Americans Brad Clark and Danny Gordon, and National Record Holders Richard Smith and Alan Webb among its illustrious alumni. Clearly, Camp Varsity Running Camp puts a heavy emphasis on success. It would be truer, perhaps, to point out Camp’s respect for balance in the high school track star’s life. While other camps may insist on a one dimensional approach to prep running – touting binary schedules comprised largely of running or not running, sleeping or not sleeping – we believe they miss out on the most fundamental point of this enterprise – that camp should be fun. Our philosophy dictates that the well rounded athlete will be happier. Happy athletes run faster. A balanced program will allow athletes to thrive throughout a long and trying season. Also, it allows for the development of a set of strong set of priorities – chief among them that, in the Camp Relay as in Life, it all comes down to the fish.