Welcome to Camp Varsity


Welcome to Camp Varsity Running Camp (special emphasis on Camp), the place where serious running and fun collide . . . before being promptly forgotten because it all comes down to the fish. Forgotten may be overstating the case. Countless title-winning District, Regional, State, and National – individual and team – campaigns have begun on the gravel mountain roads of Madison, Virginia. Camp Varsity counts State Champions such as Natalie Sherbak and Melissa Dewey, All-Americans Brad Clark and Danny Gordon, and National Record Holders Richard Smith and Alan Webb among its illustrious alumni. Clearly, Camp Varsity Running Camp puts a heavy emphasis on success. It would be truer, perhaps, to point out Camp’s respect for balance in the high school track star’s life. While other camps may insist on a one dimensional approach to prep running – touting binary schedules comprised largely of running or not running, sleeping or not sleeping – we believe they miss out on the most fundamental point of this enterprise – that camp should be fun. Our philosophy dictates that the well rounded athlete will be happier. Happy athletes run faster. A balanced program will allow athletes to thrive throughout a long and trying season. Also, it allows for the development of a set of strong set of priorities – chief among them that, in the Camp Relay as in Life, it all comes down to the fish.

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